All the software here was created by Robert Prior, a Canadian author who has created material for all editions of Traveller. The hypercard stacks will need Mac OS 7 to 9. Unfortunately, I haven't tried them under the Classic Environment since Mac OS 10.1 was released. Provided 'as is' as an archive resource.
A Classic Mac OS Hypercard stack for creating MegaTraveller characters developed by Robert Prior. It contains all the published careers, plus extras from Robert's own games. Names, personalities and physical descriptions are also created, making it useful for creating fully-detailed NPCs. (Mac OS 7+, requires Hypercard Reader).
Another really useful hypercard stack by Robert Prior. This generates language tables for your Traveller Campaign based on text samples. (Mac OS 7+, Requires Hypercard Reader).
This hypercard stack, again by Robert Prior runs large scale battles using the system described in Classic Traveller's Book 4 - Mercenary. (Mac OS 7+, Requires Hypercard Reader).